100 Sentences of Simple Present Tense, Examples

100 Sentences of Simple Present Tense, Examples Sentences

examples of simple present tense sentences

100 Sentences of Simple Present Tense

  1. He plays football every Sunday.
  2. She sings a song on a stage.
  3. My dad goes to the market every day.
  4. I love to read comic books.
  5. We watch movies on television. 
  6. Do you eat junk food?
  7. My brother works in a shop.
  8. Robert’s parents live in London.
  9. He often goes away on weekends.
  10. Maria speaks five languages.
  11. We never go to the cinema.
  12. I don’t like to wash the car.
  13. Jenny always wears nice clothes.
  14. You don’t work very hard.
  15. They play football on Sundays.
  16. Does he speak English?
  17. She goes everywhere by bicycle.
  18. James always goes to work by car.
  19. Mary often loses her keys.
  20. Our friends often come to see us.
  21. Do you want this magazine?
  22. David reads a newspaper.
  23. Do you know about daniel?
  24. I sell cosmetic products.
  25. He drinks chilled water.
  26. She likes to write novels.
  27. You do not keep your promises.
  28. It does not require a lot of effort.
  29. He helps me with my studies.
  30. She looks very beautiful.
  31. Does he go to tuition?
  32. They always go abroad.
  33. My mom takes care of herself.
  34. I write on a daily basis.
  35. They run very fast on the playground.
  36. The sun rises in the east
  37. You know each other.
  38. She works very hard during exams.
  39. They usually come to your house.
  40. We go to school.
  41. He drives a car slowly.
  42. I love to play basketball.
  43. They like to read novels.
  44. She gets up early in the morning.
  45. Do you learn every day?
  46. We go to doctors for treatment.
  47. We help others financially.
  48. The teacher teaches in the classroom.
  49. Children’s play in the playground.
  50. He is wiser than me.
  51. They sleep late on Sunday.
  52.  Bob goes to the library every week.
  53. You do not want to go with me!
  54. She surfs the Internet every day.
  55. When do you want to meet me?
  56. What do you like to eat?
  57. Which game do you want to play?
  58. Do your friends want to see the film?
  59. Where do Michel and Johnny live?
  60. She goes to school every morning?
  61. He enjoys watching the movie.
  62. The bus arrives at 3 o’clock.
  63. They don’t like to play chess.
  64. The earth moves around the sun.
  65. We brush our teeth every day.
  66. She combs her hair.
  67. She easily trusts everybody.
  68. He goes to music class.
  69. We try our best on anything.
  70. Does he sleep late at night?
  71. He lives in a big house.
  72. Peter feeds her dogs.
  73. He attends a lecture every day.
  74. They run in the park every Sunday.
  75. We bring chocolates to a classroom.
  76. Emily spends our time with friends.
  77. When you do our homework.
  78. She cooks very delicious food.
  79. He writes a letter to his sister.
  80. Do you like mangoes?
  81. He swims every morning.
  82. My Father works for a software company.
  83. My sister plays the guitar.
  84. Birds fly in the sky.
  85. You eat a burger every weekend.
  86. I like your dress.
  87. He always goes to school by bus.
  88. I drink tea every morning
  89. They love pet animals.
  90. He is afraid to meet new people.
  91. My brother doesn’t like to dance.
  92. Does she write an email?
  93. They speak French in France.
  94. She speaks English fluently.
  95. I walk the dog every day.
  96. Tiger kills animals for food.
  97. They learn their lessons.
  98. Do you go out with your friends?
  99. What kind of food do you like?
  100. I go to school by bicycle.
examples of simple present tense sentences
examples of simple present tense sentences
examples of simple present tense sentences
examples of simple present tense sentences
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