100+ Daily Use English Sentences

Hello English learners, are you looking for Daily use Sentences in English? We have the best collection of daily use of English sentences.

English Sentences Used in Daily Life

  1. Call me back.
  2. I am busy at the moment.
  3. God bless you
  4. As soon as possible
  5. Have a nice day.
  6. Good day to you, Sir!
  7. How are you?
  8. Are you fooling me?
  9. I am busy.
  10. How can I help you?
  11. A lovely day, isn’t it?
  12. Don’t be ridiculous
  13. How old are you?
  14. Can I help you?
  15. How can I go to the city?
  16. Forgive me
  17. He sleeps in the afternoon.
  18. Anything else
  19. Are you coming with me?
  20. Did you get it?
  21. Don’t be so childish
  22. Go down
  23. Everything is fine.
  24. Can I ask you something?
  25. Do you understand me?
  26. Be careful!
  27. Have a good trip
  28. Doesn’t matter
  29. Enjoy yourself
  30. Don’t move!
  31. Get out of my sight.
  32. Are you coming?
  33. Do you agree with me?
  34. Get ready to go to school.
  35. I am feeling tired today
  36. Cheer up!
  37. I admire you
  38. Come what may
  39. Believe me.
  40. Do you speak English?
  41. Do you want to join me?
  42. By God’s Grace!
  43. How disgraceful!
  44. Come quickly.
  45. Please do me a favour
  46. How dare you?
  47. He is still not well.
  48. Be quiet!
  49. How do you feel?
  50. Any day will do
  51. Do not disturb!
  52. Are you sure?
  53. Cheer up!
  54. Have a good weekend
  55. Are you kidding?
  56. Could you help me?
  57. Can you please repeat that?
  58. Come with me
  59. Call me any day.
  60. Do you need anything?
  61. Drive carefully.
  62. Could you give me a hand?
  63. Go slow from the crowd.
  64. See you next time.
  65. I’m sorry I can’t assist you.
  66. What do you mean?
  67. I have no idea.
  68. They like each other.
  69. I don’t know.
  70. Thank you for the advice.
  71. Read the sentences carefully.
  72. I’m at the office.
  73. Many happy returns of the day.
  74. Nice to meet you.
  75. It’s on the tip of my tongue
  76. Please be seated.
  77. I do not understand
  78. Talk to you later.
  79. I’m on my way.
  80. What did you say?
  81. Please come as soon as possible.
  82. I can’t wait any longer.
  83. Sorry for the inconvenience
  84. I am very pleased to meet you.
  85. It was nice to talk with you.
  86. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  87. Slow down your car.
  88. What are your likes and dislikes?
  89. I feel sad about your loss.
  90. Thank you very much.
  91. I feel much better.
  92. Thank You very much.
  93. I’m sorry to interrupt you.
  94. Long time no see.
  95. Try to open this door.
  96. Nice to meet you.
  97. It takes time
  98. What is your problem?
  99. That’s so kind of you
  100. No, I don’t want it.