20 Examples of Adjectives in a Sentences

Examples of adjectives in sentences are important to read because lots of people don’t know how to use adjectives in sentences. here we have created twenty sentences on the adjective.

Examples of Adjectives in a Sentences

  1. There are beautiful flowers in the garden.
  2. Have a nice day.
  3. The baby’s so cute.
  4. This is a very funny cartoon.
  5. Her mother was a brilliant scientist.
  6. We have a lot of fun in the park.
  7. An honest person has a lot of friends.
  8. It was a lovely cool evening.
  9. Your friendship is very precious to me.
  10. You should be thankful to be alive.
  11. A peaceful expression settled on her face.
  12. I like hot tea drinks in the morning.
  13. They live in a huge house.
  14. He was jealous of Ketan’s success.
  15. He is a brave soldier.
  16. The sunlight was very bright.
  17. He is a wise man who speaks little.
  18. He is a very fast typist.
  19. She cut the apple into small pieces.
  20. The trees are thick with leaves.