20 Examples of Adverb in a Sentences

Are you searching for an example of an adverb? Here, we have a great list of adverbs in a sentence. The adverb is in the bold form in a sentence.

example of adverb in a sentence

Examples of Adverb in a Sentences

  1. He slowly parked his car into the garage.
  2. We listened politely to his stories.
  3.  A little pot is soon hot.
  4. The ground dried up quickly after the rain.
  5. Arva was playing happily with his toys.
  6. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.
  7. The city is justly famous for its nightclubs.
  8. Rosa sat quietly in her seat.
  9. He smiled sweetly at her.
  10. Aniket answered me very rudely.
  11. The tigers are safely caged in.
  12. Smoking can seriously damage your health.
  13. There’s always more flowers in the garden.
  14. Students danced beautifully.
  15. I love ice cream, especially in summer.
  16. More blood donors are urgently needed.
  17. We get an electricity bill monthly.
  18.  The machine isn’t working properly.
  19. Sahil laughed heartily at his own joke.
  20.  I need to talk to mom immediately.