20 Examples of Interjection in a Sentences

examples of interjection
  1. Oh! What a beautiful flower.
  2. Yes! This is my new bike.
  3. Hey! Come and look at this.
  4. No! This is not my mistake.
  5. Look! It’s going up that tree.
  6. Listen! Don’t judge a book by its cover.
  7. Ouch! You’re hurting me.
  8. No thanks! I never touch alcohol.
  9. Hurray! I got a job.
  10.  Sorry! The vacancy in the office has been filled.
  11. Alas! It’s not that simple.
  12. Yeah! It’s lunch time.
  13. Thanks! For being such a good mom.
  14. Hello! Is there anybody home?
  15. Oh Lord! I’ve forgotten the tickets.
  16. Hooray! It’s the last day of school.
  17. Humph! Who believes what you say?
  18. Yummy! This cake is really tasty.
  19. Snap! We’re wearing the same shirts.
  20. Oops! I hit the wrong button.