20 Examples of Preposition in a Sentences

examples of preposition in sentences

Examples of Preposition in a Sentences

  1. Children are playing in a park.
  2. Don’t climb a tree for mango.
  3. Keep a bag on the table.
  4. It is never too old to learn.
  5. Paper boat floats over the water.
  6. By writing you learn to write.
  7. Our kite is flying above the clouds.
  8. I ate ice cream with my best friend.
  9.  A shoe is under the table.
  10. Neha lives near a temple.
  11. Fish can’t live without water.
  12. Some babies cry during the night.
  13. She washed her dirty clothes at home.
  14. He always talks about his studies.
  15. There is a beautiful gift inside the box.
  16. He kept a shoe outside the house.
  17. I passed the exam because of your support.
  18. Ice cream is popular among children.
  19. Her illness was due to bad food.
  20. We work every day except Sunday.