20 Sentences of Present Continuous Tense, Examples

Present Continuous tense example sentences, 20 Sentences of Present Continuous tense in English.

sentences examples of present continuous tense

Sentences of Present Continuous Tense:

  1. We are playing games on the playground.
  2. She is writing a letter to an elder brother.
  3. I am trying to learn English at an early age.
  4. He is going to the market to buy vegetables.
  5. We are watching a movie on television.
  6. You are giving a book to your friend.
  7. They are meeting new people in a classroom.
  8. She isn’t feeling well due to a headache.
  9. I am not cooking food.
  10. Are they buying new cloth for a party?
  11. What is he doing right now?
  12. My father is driving a sports bike.
  13. The dog is running very fast.
  14. Ben is feeling much better now.
  15. He is visiting his parent’s next weekend.
  16. You are looking gorgeous.
  17. I am working on my laptop.
  18. Who is speaking loudly?
  19. She is singing a song on a stage.
  20. The teacher is teaching in the classroom.

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