20 Sentences of Simple Future Tense, Examples

Simple Future tense example sentences, 20 Sentences of Simple Future Tense in English.

sentences examples of simple future tense

Sentences of Simple Future Tense

  1. He will go to school tomorrow.
  2. I shall sing a song on a stage.
  3. She will write an essay on Pollution.
  4. We shall go to swimming classes.
  5. They will play basketball on Sunday.
  6. You will read a novel.
  7. David will sleep early.
  8. He won’t speak French in the classroom.
  9. I shall not cook food at home.
  10. Will he play a video game?
  11. When will he give you an answer?
  12. What will I do in this situation?
  13. Maria will call her tomorrow.
  14. We shall go to America by aeroplane.
  15. We shall see a better day.
  16. She will cook a chicken.
  17. Ben will score a good mark in the exam.
  18. They will give a presentation in the seminar hall.
  19. You will prepare to speak English.
  20. I shall improve my communication skills.

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