20 Examples of Verb in a Sentences

verb sentences
  1. Hear twice before you speak once.
  2. Water has no smell.
  3. Arrange the fish and chapati in a serving dish.
  4. Don’t throw waste near my house.
  5. He likes to read stories.
  6. Mohan is learning to ride a car.
  7. Ankit tried to push the heavy door open.
  8. Come round tonight and we’ll watch a movie.
  9. Please carry the bags into the house. 
  10. Ketan is crazy to drive his car so fast.
  11. He loves to play cricket.
  12. Nancy began to climb the stairs.
  13. Boil the potatoes for 20 minutes.
  14. We learn not at school, but in life. 
  15. Bring some chocolates for me.
  16. She projected the slide onto the wall.
  17.  I need a teaspoon to stir my juice.
  18. I always wake early in the morning.
  19. Wash the fruit thoroughly before eating.
  20. Please send my clothes to the laundry.