20 Positive Sentences Examples

  1. I am going to the market now.
  2. Usually, we get up early in the morning.
  3. She studied very hard during exams.
  4. They are writing a letter to her friend.
  5. We go to play basketball after tuition class.
  6. My dad had bought a new car.
  7. He has been playing a video game since morning.
  8. We go to the library together after the interval.
  9. You understand our difficulties.
  10. He played with him for some time.
  11. I work in a travel agency now.
  12. She has been in the hospital since morning.
  13. Tom lost his key yesterday.
  14. He entered the room very quietly.
  15. The little boy thought of something.
  16. Nature provides water for people to drink.
  17. Pearls do not form inside all oysters.
  18. The maid has made the coffee.
  19. The policeman arrested the thief.
  20. A deer was selected for the king to hunt.