20 Sentences of Future Continuous Tense, Examples

Future Continuous tense example sentences, 20 Sentences of Future Continuous tense in English.

Sentences of Future Continuous Tense:

  1. She will be writing an essay.
  2. He will be playing basketball.
  3. We will be reading a newspaper.
  4. They will be doing a great job tomorrow.
  5. I will be watching a movie at this time.
  6. They will not be coming to your party.
  7. She will be attending a math exam.
  8. It will be singing a song on stage.
  9. We will not be going to the kitty party
  10. Will you be doing anything this evening?
  11. I will be drinking lots of milkshakes.
  12. He will be sleeping early at night
  13. We will be trying to obtain a good mark in the exam.
  14. She will be learning the Spanish language.
  15. It will not be storming tomorrow.
  16. They will be running on the playground.
  17. The teacher will be teaching in the classroom.
  18. I will be eating healthy food next year.
  19. My mother will be making a pizza.
  20. We will be going on summer vacation.

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