20 Sentences of Past Continuous Tense, Examples

Past Continuous tense example sentences, 20 Sentences of Past Continuous tense in English.

Sentences of Past Continuous Tense:

  1. She was writing a letter in the library.
  2. He was sleeping on a chair.
  3. We were going to extra classes.
  4. I was cooking dinner yesterday
  5. They were travelling Europe last month.
  6. You were going to swimming classes.
  7. Was she singing a song on a stage?
  8. Were they coming to your house frequently?
  9. He isn’t watching a tv show in your house.
  10. They weren’t driving a sports car.
  11. She was speaking loudly at the mountain.
  12. What was he doing in the classroom?
  13. You were eating lots of pizza.
  14. She was preparing for the board exam.
  15. We weren’t feeling well in a hospital.
  16. I was reading an interesting book.
  17. She was making a funny video.
  18. What was he watching in front of the door?
  19. My father was working on school.
  20. He was sneezing loudly in a hotel.

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