20 Sentences of Past Perfect Tense, Examples

Past Perfect tense example sentences, 20 Sentences of Past Perfect tense in English.

Sentences of Past Perfect Tense

  1. We had eaten dinner at a restaurant.
  2. She had lived here for four years.
  3. They had not written an essay.
  4. The teacher had taught in the classroom.
  5. He had bought a new car.
  6. I had played the guitar in the classroom.
  7. Had you gone to school regularly?
  8. Ben had cleared an entrance exam.
  9. They had eaten a lot of pizza.
  10. She had danced at a marriage ceremony.
  11. We had not played football.
  12. They had suffered a headache.
  13. You had not seen a new tv show.
  14. It had met him before he became famous.
  15. He had run very fast in the park.
  16. She had sent a letter to his brother.
  17. My mom had cleaned my bedroom.
  18. I had understood what they said.
  19. We had made a cold coffee.
  20. He had driven a car in the morning.

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