20 Sentences of Present Perfect Tense, Examples

Present Perfect tense example sentences, 20 Sentences of Present Perfect tense in English.

Sentences of Present Perfect Tense:

  1. He has played football on a national level.
  2. She has completed all the homework.
  3. We have gone on summer vacation.
  4. Have you eaten all the snacks?
  5. The teacher has taught all the syllabus.
  6. Mariya has cooked dinner.
  7. We have prepared for the next test.
  8. I have bought all the green vegetables in the market.
  9. They have worked hard for good marks.
  10. She has sung a song in a classroom
  11. They have not learned the English language.
  12. My father has gone to America.
  13. Have they not delivered the post yet?
  14. I haven’t eaten at that restaurant yet.
  15. He has drunk a lot of soft drinks.
  16. They have not come to your party.
  17. How much money have you spent so far?
  18. We have known him for a long time.
  19. They have taken a deep sleep.
  20. Have you not found the book?

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