20 Sentences of Past Perfect Continuous Tense, Examples

Past perfect continuous tense example sentences, 20 Sentences of past perfect continuous tense in English.

Sentences of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  1. He had been studying since morning.
  2. We had been playing for about half an hour.
  3. I had been working hard all day.
  4. She had been singing for ten years.
  5. They had been waiting for ten minutes.
  6. My mom had not been combing hair.
  7. She had been running for half an hour.
  8. We had been walking near the bridge.
  9. Anna had been trying to repair her car.
  10. Had he been reading a newspaper?
  11. We had been studying English grammar all day.
  12. He had been doing a job at a young age.
  13. I had been listening to music.
  14. The elephant had been eating a lot of fruits.
  15. They had been cleaning a house all day.
  16. The crow had been flying in the sky.
  17. She had been watching a tv show since morning.
  18. We had been planting a tree in the park.
  19. He had been laughing too much in the classroom.
  20. The shopkeeper had been selling clothes for two years.

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