20 Sentences of Present Perfect Continuous Tense, Examples

Present perfect continuous tense example sentences, 20 Sentences of present perfect continuous tense in English.

sentences of present perfect continuous tense examples

Sentences of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  1. My son has been living in London for three months.
  2. We have been playing football since morning.
  3. You have been telling a lie.
  4. He has been preparing for an annual exam.
  5. She has been driving a car.
  6. Has he been going to extra classes?
  7. They have been singing the song on a stage.
  8. The sun has been rising to the east.
  9. We have been knowing each other.
  10. He has been getting up early in the morning.
  11. I have been speaking English for five months.
  12. My friend has been watching a movie.
  13. We have been having a party.
  14. My father has been reading a newspaper.
  15. She has been eating a healthy meal.
  16. I have been reading a novel for a week.
  17. We have been thinking in Spanish.
  18. David has been learning grammar rules.
  19. He has been wearing gold jewelry.
  20. We have been planting the plant in a garden.

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